Beyond the Blackboard

Watch it this Sunday, read it on Monday.

We’re excited to see the new Hallmark Hall of Fame movie, “Beyond the Blackboard,” this Easter Sunday! It’s based on the memoir by Stacey Bess. Originally published as “Nobody Don’t Love Nobody,” It’s now under the same name as the movie. We’re hoping to have this book in-store (it’ll be up front in our LDS section) on Monday, the 25th. It airs on CBS at 7 p.m. (MST) April 24th.

It’s a story sure to warm the heart. Young Stacey, a teen bride high school drop-out who later earned her GED and went to college, took over “The School With No Name” at a homeless shelter in Salt Lake City. Her classroom had no desks, no books, no supplies. For 11 years, she taught the kids in her class–grades one through six–to be kids again, and showed that you can help anyone through love.

Ms. Bess’ book was awarded the Delta Kappa Gamma International Educator’s Award as “The Book Most Likely to Influence the Direction of Thought, Action and Education Necessary to Meet the Needs of Today’s Complex Society.”

And on Sunday over 18 million households will get to watch a dramatic presentation of the story. We’d like to hear your comments about the book/movie. Post them below.

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  1. I Saw this one night and I just thought how brave she was and amazing! I think we all have a special teacher I had alot of them but one who will always be the most amazing Mrs. Donalson

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