Books for A Baby Shower

Well I’m back again, because now it’s you customers who are providing great fodder for blog posts. (Yay!) Last night a young woman came into our store looking for ideas for books for babies and young children because her friend’s baby shower is book-themed. Everyone is supposed to bring their favorite children book. As a lover of reading I fully support that!

Here are some interesting facts about reading with with children:

  • Having your kids read a lot helps them become practiced at recognizing letters and sounds, which makes them better readers. Practice may not make perfect in this case, but it helps!
  • In another study, four-year-old children who were read one alphabet book per day improved significantly in speaking skills.
  • Deciding whether you like to read or not often comes early. Children who struggle in vain with reading in the first grade will often decide then and there that they don’t want to read.
  • The percentage of young children (0-toddler years) who are read to peaks at 2 years old.
  • Even still, that number is only 45.3% of two-year-olds.
  • Reading aloud to children teaches them about concepts, places, and people that may be difficult to explain otherwise.
  •  Repetition is important! Reading a child’s favorite book to them again and again helps them learn to read by hearing familiar words and seeing what they look like.
  •  The key to reading proficiency is to start early. Begin reading the day your child is born.



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