Summer Workbooks

With the last days of school approaching it is a good idea to come in and get some fun books to keep your children thinking this summer.  It will provide structure as well as something productive for your child to do.  The Summer Bridge workbooks are available and will give a few minutes a day of exercising your child’s brain while school is out.  The book format focuses on what they just learned so it reinforces those concepts and then towards the end of the book the pages introduce concepts they will learn in their new grade. The pages are bright and colorful which makes it appealing for children to look at.  The curriculum is varied in these books. They start at prechool and go to 8th grade.

If your child likes to do workbooks and goes through them fast, or just needs a little something more in any certain subject, then we have full workbooks in math, reading, spelling or whatever they may need.

I have used both the Summer Bridge and other workbooks as a summer activity and then provided a reward at the finish for my child. It was a good thing and I hope you find it successful for your family as well.   


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