Ideas for Girls Camp

What to do for Girls Camp?

Storybooks are a hit with camp directors because they can teach subjects in a way that is easy to understand. The new Fancy Nancy book, Stellar Stargazer, teaches simple facts about the night sky and constellations. It even glows in the dark! It’s a fresh, cute, simple way to make certification time more fun.

Spot It! is the perfect game to just leave out on the picnic table for anyone to play. And it’s got instructions for different versions inside so it’s like several games in one. Candice took the store demo home last weekend and played it with her family and she loved it. The general idea is that there are cards inside with different symbols and shapes, and there is “always one, only one” matching symbol between two cards in the game. So the basic idea (not counting the rules of the different versions of the game you can play) is that you have two cards out and someone in the group has to be the first to spot the matching symbols. Then you hurry and put down more cards. And more. And more. And it gets pretty fast and furious, competetively.

How would you get through camp if every girl didn’t have a manual? We’ve got some in case you run out.

Also of note is the glass jewelry and bottle caps for necklaces and magnets. It’s just not girls camp without craft time. These are simple projects that don’t require a whole lot of time or money–anyone could do it.

These are just a few ideas, and hopefully it will get your creative juices flowing. 🙂

Check out our additional post on camp game ideas here.

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