Tristi Pinkston

What better way to learn about the authors of our July 9 signing than in their own words? Here’s a tidbit from Tristi Pinkston’s website:

“I’m a stay-at-home mom, a home schooler, a media reviewer, an editor, a regular presenter at the LDStorymakers’ writers conference, a Cubmaster, and a headless chicken. In addition to the novels I write, I maintain a blog which contains tips for aspiring authors and also my own personal ramblings, which sometimes make sense and sometimes do not. I enjoy reading, watching good movies, and making scrapbooks. I enjoy cooking and consider it a minor miracle when I can get all four children to like the same meal. I also enjoy making shopping lists (which I sometimes actually use), spending time with my kids, and taking Sunday afternoon naps, which are so necessary.”

Ms. Pinkston has had several books published since 2002, including Strength to Endure and Agent in Old Lace. Just recently she released Dearly Departed, the second of the Secret Sisters Mysteries.

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