Daniel Greenig

He calls it 41 years of “intesnse anticipation” that led to his book, Constancey in Courage. This Cache Valley resident has studied courage–what makes it, its power, the application of it in defeat, and fear.

It is OK to feel fear, he explains. “Everyone feels fear. Sometimes we see someone who seems oblivious to fear,” he says. “While some are more resistant to fear’s effects, everyone feels it.”

In addition to writing, Mr. Greenig does website design, graphic design, and marketing.

His book is full of essays and quotations compiled on courage, and he will be signing copies of it at the Book Table this Saturday from Noon to 3 p.m. Come on down and visit with him and the 8 other authors there.

Information compiled from http://danielgreenig.com/index.php/home


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