Sidewalk Weekend Recap

What a weekend! It started early on Thursday with the first day of the Sidewalk Sale, and boy was it it busy! We were so pleased to have everyone come out. Freya was excited to sell a remote-controlled skunk to a little girl who was going to go home and try it out on her dad and brother.

The fun continued Friday when the Willow Park Zoo came for storytime. They brought a Gread Horned Owl, King Snake, and Bearded Dragon. Everyone who wanted to got to take turns petting the snake and the dragon. Even some employees were brave enough to try!

On Saturday we had our epic author signing. I apologize for not finishing the posts about the authors–the internet stopped working for a day and by the time it was back on the authors were here. We still have their books, though, and are doing pre-orders for Daniel Coleman’s sequal, Hatter. Tristi Pinkston also informed me she has a new book coming out soon–you can check it out on her Facebook page.

They were a great bunch to have. I think the authors really enjoyed being together and chatting about their writing and other tools of the trade. A few of them even tag-teamed the doors to hand out bookmarks as customers came in from the sidewalk to make their purchases.

All in all, it was a great weekend for everyone. (Even when it rained and we were rushing to move the merchandise on the sidewalk under the tents so it wouldn’t get wet.) It was really fun to see the looks on some people’s faces when I told them the total of their purchase and it was cheaper than they thought it would be. Now the adventure is getting the store put back together since all the clearance items were moved inside out of the elements.

We have many pictures from the events, but just have not gotten them up yet. Stay tuned for those.

The store internet is still being fishy, so once again I apologize for not getting posts up faster this last week. Hang in there!


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