Terra Mia

Linda Grayson’s Terra Mia jewelry is handmade by women who live in different areas of the world and now make a living wage using beading techniques unique to their culture to make beautiful jewelry. Some form cottage industries and co-ops, and Terra Mia boasts a socially-responsible Fair Trading mission. It’s pretty neat to feel that you are supporting not a sweat shop in some third world country, but an industry that is breaking onto the world stage.

It's not just a bracelet...
...but a hair ornament!


  1. What a great idea, having women from around the world using their skills to earn a living! More empowerment to them. Thank you Linda Grayson, for allowing those women who may not have been able to make a living in the past, to do so now. I for one, will be purchasing more of your jewelry in the future.

  2. This is Linda Grayson. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your support of me and the women who make the jewelry. I am so appreciative!!!!

  3. Was visiting family in the St. Louis area and tripped upon a store that sold this jewelry. Beautiful jewelry at incredibily reasonable prices and for a good cause! Now that I’m back in San Diego, I would love to be able to purchase more pieces (Christmas is just around the corner). Is there a store here that sells it?

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