A Nifty Way to Organize

File folders? Boxes? In-trays? Piles on the floor, the desk, in the car, on the kitchen counter, in a drawer? Or perhaps an old and very outdated filing cabinet?

How do you keep track of all your contacts? Do you remember the last time you had your vehicle repaired, or took the kids to the doctor, checked on your insurance policies, paid your loan, and made a bank withdrawal?

It would be nice to be able to keep all that information in one place, and the folks at Brownlow Gifts think they’ve come up with the thing just for that. This home organizer doubles as a binder (with d-rings) and 3-pocket accordion file folder. The binder is sectioned off into areas for contacts, home, auto, insurance, finances, and taxes. Each section then has pages dedicated to some of the most minute details of home organization–right down to the internet and cable companies. There are even pockets dedicated to envelopes, business cards and whatever else you might want to keep.

I think it’s pretty neat, and if I owned a home (or paid for my internet) I would probably get it. You can probably make one for yourself, but I doubt it would be as thorough and would cost almost as much as the organizer–plus it’s nice to have it all laid out for you. This would be a neat wedding gift. Now I’m upset that I’ve missed my chance to give it to all the friends who got married just a couple of months ago.

What? Home Organizer by New Trends
List Price: $19.99
Where At? The Book Table


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