More Baby Gift Ideas: Dresses and BabyLegs

Let’s face it: babies may be the cutest things around, but dressing them can be expensive when they are constantly growing out of their clothes.

This might do the trick for two or three years. That’s right, I said years, not months.

Peggy, our model, shows how it might be worn as a dress. Granted, she's a bit smaller than your average toddler, but you get the idea.

It starts out as a dress, with the ribbons tied in the back halter-fashion. Then, when Baby grows bigger the ribbons are tied as shoulders straps and she can wear leggings or shorts underneath. And when she’s gotten bigger the whole ensemble finishes off as a skirt. There are many creative ways you can use this neat little article of clothing.

These dresses are versatile and super cute.

And did I mention leggings? Well… the brand BabyLegs just came in. Who ever said dressing a baby was boring? They’re leg warmers and arm warmers for babies that make diaper training and potty training easier, as well as protect your child’s legs from the elements and rough carpet. There are even patterns for boys as well as girls, because as we all know, everyone crawls.

Peggy was a bit too small for BabyLegs so we had to resort to a picture of the display instead.


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