Mary Ann’s “Cheater” Books for Easy Reference

Mary Ann’s Corner

"Teachings of Thomas S. Monson," which comes out this month, will be a great resource for reference when writing a talk.

Have any of you been given a talk and are pushed to find the perfect quote to use? Let me list a couple of what I call “cheater” books, easy reference books that have just what you need.

40 Years of General Conference is a comprehensive list by topic of all speeches given in Conference from 1968 to April 2010. For those of us who are computer illiterate, this book is a must.

Essential Gospel Teachings by Richard J Allen has basic Gospel teachings by chapter. It is a great book for a fast quote or story.

Teachings of Thomas S. Monson, released September 23, will be an amazing addition to your library. A companion to To The Rescue, this will have all quotes by the Prophet by topic.

There you go—the rest is up to you.

Happy Discoursing!

Mary Ann

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