Up And Coming at the Book Table

Mr. Sock T. Pus is his name, and socks are the game.

With Fall comes the sudden influx of new product in retail, and at the Book Table it’s no different. Here’s a sneak peak at some of what’s coming in over the next few weeks.

These are called Glycerine Watches. Each watch has a water resistant stainless steel back and is embedded with 36 rhinestones.

RSVP is a cool company. We’ll be carrying their name card holders. If we don’t have the one you want or you need to order them in larger quantities, we’d be happy to order them in just for you.

We’re pretty sure we are the only ones in Cache Valley who sell blue hot chocolate. What an awesome gift. McSteven’s, the company who makes it, also makes pink hot chocolate for Valentines Day and green hot chocolate (that one was really popular this year) for St. Patty’s Day. No matter the occasion, we’ve got it all for you.

In addition to all this there are the usual holiday candies, food and home decor coming in…

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