New Arrivals in General Book

New Arrivals in General Book this week!!
“The Help” audio.

By Kathryn Stockett

If you haven’t read it yet, read it. Or, now, listen to it. This inspiring story will have you laughing, then crying, and cheering on the characters one after the other. The movie wasn’t so bad, either.


In God’s heart you are… Accepted, Wonderfully Made, Forgiven, Loved, Provided For, Enough, Secure, Beautiful, Delightful, Creative, His Friend, His Light, Defended, Guided, His Child, Touched, Never Alone, Desired, His Forever….

“God’s Heart for You”

Holley Gerth writes a sweet inspirational book that teaches women about God’s love for them.


“Matched” paperback

by Ally Condie

Finally! Paperback is out. We’re still holding our breath and waiting for the sequel, “Crossed,” which so far is due to release November 1 of this year.



Guinness World Records 2012 edition

“Bursting with amazing new records.”

Guaranteed to entertain anyone with over a million record holders chronicled inside its glossy, photographed pages and beneath a shiny front cover.

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