Little Pumpkin’s Got Rhyme

Metal PumpkinWe’re in the mood for some poetry! Here’s a poem, inspired by the decorative metal pumpkins that have been staring at the register all night:

Little Pumpkin sat on the table so bare
Giving passing friends an oogl-ey stare.
He sat and he stared with his hands on his face,
On top of that table in his rightful place.
‘Til one Autumn eve a friend did arrive,
She thought he was cute and she did contrive,
To take him on home to sit on her porch,
Next to an iron lantern with a flaming torch.
And as little friends came by that night all dressed up,
To beg for candies on which they could sup,
He stared at them all with his oogl-ey face,
–They smiled right back before home they did race.


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