Author Signing and Presentation

The Book Table welcomes author Rod L. Meldrum this Thursday, September 28, from 5-8 p.m.

Book Signing: 5 -6:30 p.m.

Special Presentation: 6:30-8 p.m.

Author of several books and a DVD chronicling DNA evidences in the Book of Mormon, Rod is a distinguished figure in the Latter-day Saint scientific community. His most recent book, Exploring the Book of Mormon in America’s Heartland, is a beautiful pictorial about the scientific evidence Rod says proves the events in the Book of Mormon actually took place in North America. This is a must-read for any science or history buff. Come get his book signed, then hang around for the presentation at 6:30 about his research that proves the Book of Mormon’s authenticity.

Bring a friend, bring a date, bring your mom/brother/sister/grandma… We’ll see you there.


  1. First time I heard Rod’s presentation, I was blown away. I had been a long time John Sorensen, Meso-american devotee’ and had even traveled to Guatemala and Mexico visiting the ruins and reading all the books. After seeing Rod’s presentation, I completely closed the door on my old views and relegated those books to the also-ran collection. I had to admit that Rod’s straightforward answers made a lot more sense than anything I “thought” I knew from before. It took a lot of humble pie for me to even agree to go listen the first time, (because I already “knew” all the answers myself.) But when he introduced me to the “36 Prophecies” I was sold, I could no longer even try to deny it. It simply made sense and felt right. I’m not saying its 100% correct on every point, but of everything I’ve studied, it comes closer to the what feels like the truth than anything I’ve seen or heard since. I have continued to study and everything I can get my hands on and every probe comes up in support (again) of the Heartland model. One of the most startling discoveries is a book written by the former head of the Smithsonian Institute, Roger Kennedy who wrote a book titled: Lost Cities – The Discovery and Loss of North American Civilization. This book was amazing! Rod quotes from it in his new book. I often ask myself and hear from others, “why did I not see this before, it is so obvious now?” And I have to answer my own question with a quote from my father: “There is nothing so obscure as the obvious.”

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