Instrument Repair? Check

Getting your instrument repaired can be a pain if there is no repairman nearby. Luckily for the residents of Cache Valley and surrounding areas, we’ve got Justin Slack and Grover Wilhelmsen at the Book Table.

Justin is the owner and chief technician of Bridgerland Band Instrument Repair LLC. He took over for Trevor, who ran Teuscher Band Instrument Repair, earlier this year. We’ve been so pleased with his work. His workshop is located right in our Music Department.

Grover comes every Saturday morning from 10-12 to repair string instruments in our Music Department. The owner of Classical Strings, Inc., he produces high quality work that is recognized by string players all over the valley.

Instruments can be dropped off anytime with a music associate. For questions regarding repair, please call our Music Department at 435-752-3055 ext. 3.


  1. I wanted to find the price for buying replacement strings for my cello, but was unable to do so. Could you do this for future references, please?

    • The cost depends on the size of cello you have and which brand you prefer. We sell strings separate as well as in a set. Give us a call at (435) 752-3055, Mon-Sat 10-8 and we can help you find the right strings and give you an estimated price.

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