Playmobil Giveaway Winner… Not Picked Yet!

Sorry, everyone! Although the winner of the Playmobil Nativity was going to be picked last night, we got so behind with customers we figured it would be easier to postpone the drawing.  So, when will we pick the winner? This Monday, AKA tomorrow, in the afternoon sometime. Remember all the rules for entering on the blog apply. You have 48 hours to confirm you are the winner we announced either by calling the store or emailing us. Otherwise, we’re giving it to someone else. The winner will be announced via the blog and Facebook.

In the meantime here’s a hint for the next giveaway:

Can you say… Bieber?

Also, be on the lookout for our 12 Days of Christmas deals. They’re pretty sweet! If you aren’t signed up to receive our emails, go ahead and do so on the right-hand column of this page. –> 

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