Happy Boxing Day! + Return Policy

What did you leave for Santa? This little girl had the right idea:

But in case you didn’t leave cheese for Santa and maybe got something you weren’t hoping for, don’t stress. Here’s a few guidelines for returns at the Book Table:

  1. Merchandise that can be returned must be returned within 30 days.
  2. Bring your receipt so we can verify the price you paid for it. If what you are returning was on sale anytime recently, we have to assume it was bought at the sale, and that means less money back to you.
  3. If you don’t have the receipt, we may give you in-store credit.
  4. Sheet music and scrapbook paper are non-returnable. Period.
  5. Music books are exchangeable.
  6. We cannot take back anything that has been damaged. This includes writing on the inside of a book’s cover.
  7. Sale items are generally non-returnable.
  8. Seasonal items and food are non-returnable.
  9. We usually don’t take back calendars, because too often we have found writing (like Grandma’s birthday or next week’s dental appointment) on the inside pages after a return.

These are not our complete return guidelines, so be sure to ask what they are when you come in the store. Your receipt always has a returns policy on it.

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