Clean Romance Novels by Denise Hunter

The love of reading is one thing, but the love you read about is another. And, as I am sure you know, romance novels that don’t make you cringe are hard to find in many bookstores. While everybody has their own level of comfort, there should be books you don’t want to hide from the kids because the cover is too good an interpretation of how risque the story inside the pages is. That’s where author Denise Hunter comes in. Her Nantucket Love Story and Big Sky Romance books are a treat for those wanting a good, well-written Christian love story in a beautiful seaside setting or in the country.

Here is a little bit about three of her novels:

  • The Convenient Groom is about a celebrity marriage counselor who has the perfect beach wedding planned–without a groom. Enter Lucas Wright, who offers to stand in for the missing husband and marry her. She’s desperate, but why would he agree to this arrangement anyway?
  • Seaside Letters is about the secrets we try to keep–but they come back for us eventually. Sabrina is in love with a man she serves coffee to every morning at a Nantucket cafe, so when he asks for her help locating an elusive woman he’s fallen for online, she’s quite reluctant to agree. However, she has some secrets of her own that if he does find out, he’ll know the person he’s trying to find is her.
  • In  Driftwood Lane, Meridith Ward comes to Nantucket to care for the three siblings she’s never met when she receives word the father who abandoned her is dead. The children are living in a bed and breakfast that is in too horrible shape to sell, so when handyman Jake offers his help, she can’t refuse. She fears being pulled under by attachment but he appeals to her. Can she trust God with the details and relish the adventure?

One comment

  1. I was at the store this weekend when I seen a romance novel called “The Vampire and the Virgin” and my first thought was, “She won’t be a virgin for long.” I think a lot of romance novels leave me feeling a bit cynical. It’s probably because I’m getting older and I’ve read so many books that my tastes are being crafted around my exposure to different books and authors.

    I might have to see if I can get a book by Denise Hunter from the library.

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