Get Cooking With the Kids With These Cookbooks

This should be a New Year’s Resolution–let your kids help out in the kitchen more. One of my favorite memories as a child are kneeling on a bar stool and helping my mom mix a cake, or flour the chicken before placing it in the frying pan to watch it sizzle and pop into juicy goodness. Some children want to help all the time, while others have to be prodded into action. Whatever the case, we have several themed cookbooks that are kid-friendly.

Tiana’s Cookbook, full of recipes inspired by the Disney’s The Princess and the Frog, is cute and full of delicious pictures. From Duke’s Macaroni and Cheese to Swamp-Water Smoothies to Bayou Bread Pudding (yum!), you and the kids will have fun mixing up these concoctions. What we liked most was the tips at the bottom of the page.

I devoured the Nancy Drew books growing up, so seeing a cookbook with Moss-covered Mansion Fruit Gelatin and Lilac Inn Consomme was really exciting. That’s the fun thing about these cookbooks, I think. They bring to mind all the good books or movies you’ve seen! The Nancy Drew Cookbook is a little more advanced than Tiana’s. It has more recipes and they are for less-picky eaters.

Here’s a list of some of our other favorite themed cookbooks for kids:

  • Cooking isn’t just for girls. For fun with your little man, get The Redwall Cookbook by Brian Jacques. It has a story along with it that ties in all the recipes as well.
  • The Winnie-the-Pooh Cookbook (originally published as The Pooh Cookbook) features the darling illustrations we’re all familiar with, and quotes from the stories with each recipe.
  • The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook. Oh yeah. They have one. From Cauldron Cakes to Pumpkin Pasties… this magical tome for muggles is filled with awesome facts about each recipe. I just don’t know if I should trust Kreacher’s French Onion Soup.
  • The Tasha Tudor Cookbook is a long-awaited volume full of her family’s recipes, handed down from generations. She shares the secrets and tidbits on each recipe, and accompanies with the darling watercolor illustrations she is well-known for.
  • Faries Cookbook by Barbara Beery is just plain cute. As we’ve seen, little girls tend to love faries and anything about them. Over the last several years they have become especially popular in children’s literature. The image below comes from Mmmm…. Marshmallow Fairy Wands!

Whatever you’re making, let it be great! Have you tried any of these recipes? Let us know how it turned out.


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