Comic Books For Young Readers

Kids comic books are fun to read! DC Super Pets are great for the early reader who enjoys adventure as well as great illustrations. In Pooches of Power, “Ace the Bat-Hound and Krypto the Super-Dog  smell something fishy. Penguin’s Bad News Birds have stolen sardines from the Gotham City Marina. Together, the doggy duo must reel in the fowl felons and thrown them in the can!”

The Tiny Titans books are a little higher reading level. Based on the best-selling graphic novel and comic book series from DC Comics, these books detail the adventures of the Teen Titans when they were, well, Tiny.

The Star Wars Clone Wars Adventures books tell all-new stories of heroism and villainy during the Clone Wars (The time when Annakin was a good guy). The Clone Wars Adventures are action-packed with fun illustrations.

Of course, we carry Marvel as well as DC. And, we have comic books in the I Can Read! series about Spider-Man. Who ever said young reading books had to be boring? With different reading levels and popular literature, kids can be engaged as they build skills.


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