2012 LDS Songs for Children and Youth

Check out these CDs with songs for kids and teens! The first is called “Choose the Right: Songs for Children 2012”

The CD includes 10 songs, with vocal and accompaniment tracks.

  1. As a Child of God
  2. Choose the Right
  3. Stand for the Right
  4. Meek and Lowly in Heart
  5. When I Am Baptized
  6. Nephi’s Courage
  7. The Wise Man and the Foolish Man
  8. I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus
  9. Whenever I Have to Choose
  10. Article of Faith 13

The next CD is for youth called: “Shine: Songs for Youth 2012”. These inspiring songs are great to have on hand because you don’t need to worry about what your kids are listening to. Each song is sung by a modern LDS artist.

  1. Hold Your Light Up – Conlon Bonner
  2. Brighter – Jessi Osmond
  3. time for Love – Calee Schroeder
  4. Little Bit of Hope – Aaron Edson
  5. The Spirit Speaks to Me – Julie Yardley
  6. Shine – April Meservy
  7. Free – Chad Neth
  8. The Truth – Catherine Papworth
  9. Faithful – Hilary Weeks
  10. He Loves Me – Katherine Nelson
  11. If you Try – Justin Cash
  12. Nearer, My God, to Thee – Vocal Point


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