Saints at War: Vietnam

This DVD has been out for awhile, but we thought it was a very good edition to the blog. A part of the bestselling Saints at War series, Vietnam is a DVD about LDS church members who served in the conflict over a twenty-year period.

Saints at War: Vietnam DVD

It was a dark time in the history of America. For more than twenty years our nation’s finest fought to preserve the liberty and freedom of the South Vietnamese people. Despite their ultimate defeat in Vietnam, their suffering and sacrifice was not wasted. Many of the Vietnamese were brought to know the gospel of Jesus Christ through the work of Latter-day Saints serving in the conflict. These soldier Saints would also deepen their own faith while passing through trial and tribulation.

Remember the sacrifice of Larry Chesley, a prisoner of war for more than six years. Listen to the testimony of Lance Wickman, an Army Ranger who would later become an LDS General Authority. Witness the conversion of Ryan Beuhring as he covenants to follow Christ if he would be preserved in battle. Let us honor those who defend freedom, and remember the Saints at war.

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