In Your Easter Basket…

Finding more than just candy in your Easter basket (though we’re not against candy at all here) is always a delight. What can you put in there, though? Our upstairs Toy department is bursting with gift ideas for kids and adults. Here’s a collection of some of our favorite things:

Squinkies have been my number one seller for Easter baskets this year. In each packet you get 2 miniature plastic characters (We have types like Disney princesses, Marvel, and Cars) that are part of a set. It’s like modern baseball cards in a way, because you don’t know what you’ll get when you buy the package. Kids love collecting them.

Also similar to Squinkies: Playmobil Figures. Which one will you get?

This just in! Baseball Spot It! Not only would your Little Leaguer love this game, but any MLB enthusiast. The company Blue Orange has taken their most beloved game (our bestseller last Christmas) and combined it with America’s pastime.

Let your child help in the kitchen, and make sure they look the part! We have a variety of styles in apron sets- complete with an oven mitt, pot holder, and dish cloth.

Who said bath time has to be unbearable? We’ve got an assortment of shampoos from Cars, Disney princesses, Spiderman, and Toy Story. We figure kids won’t mind a bath as much if Lightning McQueen is on the edge of the tub.

Bead Bazaar kits come with all you need to make several pieces of unique, fun jewelry.

What do you think? Leave a comment here!

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