National Poetry Month: Words

While straightening up the books the other night, I came across a book of poetry by Carol Lynn Pearson,Beginnings & Beyond. She is a marvelous poetess! Her lighthearted observations of life, death, love, and everything in between are so true that a couple of us were left standing around for awhile reading poem after poem. Here’s a funny one many of us can relate to from childhood:

Words by Carol Lynn Pearson

I wanted to know
What it felt like to swear.

So one day
Away out in the back pasture where
Two horses switched
For the big flies,
I stood on a little bridge
Took a deep breath
And said every bad word
I’d ever heard.

The horse tails switched on
And on ran the unpolluted stream.

It took about a week though
To wash and rinse
My mouth clean
And I’ve never said those words since–

Though now I’m counting
Many another word
I should have taken
To where only horses heard.

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