Bugs and Fun Outdoor Stuff

Bugs!! What is all the fuss about bugs? Kids think they’re pretty cool. Plus it’s a wonderful learning opportunity- so two birds with one stone! We’ve got a fun collection of bug stuff in:

No joke, it’s a ladybug playground. I used to remember when I was a kid, how I would collect bugs and keep them in a jar. Sometimes I forgot to poke air holes in the top, and sometimes the bugs got ignored. Well, that problem is solved here with a playground for your ladybugs to crawl all over and be entertained while entertaining your kids. -Air holes are included. It’s great for other small bugs, such as rolly pollies (or I called them potato bugs).

-Ladybugs not included. Catching them is part of the fun!

There is also the Watch A Bug! If you like your pet so much, why not carry it around? We also carry the Little Bug Locket, which is neat because the lid is a magnifier so you can look closely at your critter.



Creepy crawlies not your fancy? Well, if you can wait long enough, you can order live caterpillars and watch them grow into beautiful butterflies in your Live Butterfly Garden.

And if your kids aren’t so squeamish at all (like many adventurous children), a neat learning tool is the Carnivorous Creations.

What do you think? Leave a comment here!

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