Gifts and Consequences by Daniel Coleman

We are excited to present the latest book by Daniel Coleman, author of bestselling Jabberwocky and its companion Hatter. His new book, Gifts and Consequences, is the story of a man determined to carry out his wife’s last request.

Have you ever heard someone say, “I’d do anything if…”? Jonathan Wheeler is determined to find out if they mean it.

Jonathan agreed to his deteriorating wife’s request – that he give away most of his fortune – but his methods are dangerously unconventional.

A man agrees to walk across the country to save a life. Another attempts to lose 100 pounds. And a boy is given tickets to the concert of the century, with the caveat that he take the least popular girl in school. Each encounters obstacles. Some succeed, some fail. Jonathan is always standing by, ready to deliver the consequences, whether good or bad.

Along with the gifts, come consequences for those who fail to complete the terms, and lives hang in the balance when Jonathan goes too far.

(If you are also a fan, I also recommend you read Daniel Coleman’s blog, where he records his adventures greeting his children at the bus stop on the way home from school.)

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