Learn Valuable Lessons With ScienceWiz Kits!

Getting kids interested in science can be difficult, and finding structured projects for them in the summertime may not be any easier. We recommend the award-winning ScienceWiz Kits.

The Chemistry Science Whiz kit may be recommended for just children ages 5-10… but we don’t think the fun has to stop at 10. In the kit is included the basic materials necessary for over 35 activities, minus common household items. Capture a CO2 explosion! Grow crystals! Make candles! An don’t forget what vinegar and baking soda can do. 😉 Do some of these things sound over your head as well? Not to worry. That’s what the 40-page instruction book is for.

Try all six kits!

  1. Chemistry. Ages 5-10
  2. Electricity- Build circuit loops, send coded messages, and spin motors & pinwheels. Ages 5-10.
  3. Light- Capture shadows, bounce, make a microscope, and mix colors in a light wand. Ages 6-12.
  4. Inventions- Learn the why an how of these inventions! A flashing light generator, a clicking telegraph, and a real radio. And other things. Ages 8-80.
  5. Chemistry Plus- Learn about the elements by making rocket fuel, measuring the PH of liquids, and flame testing alkali metals. Ages 8 and older.
  6. Energy- Build a solar racer, make a simple fuel by using electricity to split hydrogen from water, and build an electric car! Ages 8-80.

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