Matryoshka Doll Accessories!

I know we talked your ear off earlier in the week about the Fred & Friends products, but when I saw we had a growing collection of Russian nesting doll products (kinda funny I know), I had to share them, too. Two of them are from Fred.

When you think of what’s in your kitchen, what is made to nest? How about measuring spoons?

We pulled this first picture from Kaboodle because we loved the way it displays the spices so nicely and yet you can still see the picture on the back.

Try a little salt and pepper in the form of a nesting doll. The top layer holds salt, the inside pepper. Or vice versa.

Another company, DCI Products, makes these adorable ear buds:

So you see, if you really want to, you can go all-out Russian nesting doll. DCI also makes other fun ear buds, like ladybugs, owls, baby chicks, strawberries, frogs, squirrels.. etc. We have those as well. Neat!

I was a little bemused that we have all these things, but hey- it just goes to show there is something out there for everyone’s taste.


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