Leaf Necklaces and Ruffle Scarves

Let me introduce you to our newest line of jewelry:

Rocky Mountain Leaf Company has an interesting product we like: jewelry made from real leaves. To your right is a real oak leaf hanging on a necklace. H0w do they do it? Well, after collecting just the perfect leaf or pine cone- they even do pine cones!- it is dried, and then coated with copper and electroplated with a gold, silver, or copper finish. The final product is a beautiful trinket straight from the Rocky Mountains.


Next we have a lot of beautiful products from Howards. You might recognize some of their other products- the three in one rings and necklaces. New to the store are these adorable ruffle scarves. They are made from lightweight fabric that is perfect for hot weather, yet fashionable.

What do you think? Leave a comment here!

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