Does This Girl Look Like A Murderer to You?

James Patterson’s forthcoming book looks really good- or bad.

Bad, as in the main character could be a murderer.

We have FREE excerpts of the first seven chapters available in our store. Come pick one up! Confessions of a Murder Suspect releases September 24.

Tandy Angel is a whip-smart 15-year-old detective… and possibly the last person to see her parents alive. Is she also a murderer?

Harrison Angel is her artistic twin brother and a concert pianist… who was always a disappointment to their parents. Is he also a murderer?

Hugo Angel is their super-strong 10-year-old brother… and their parents pushed him as hard as the rest of them. Is he also a murderer?

Matthew Angel is their famous big brother, an all-American football star who has more than one very good reason to hate his parents. Is he also a murderer?

From the creator of the #1 New York Times bestselling Maximum Ride, Witch & Wizard, and Women’s Murder Club series comes a teen detective on a mission to bring her parents’ killer to justice, even if it means uncovering her family’s darkest secrets–and confessing some of her own.

What do you think? Leave a comment here!

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