TY Plush Toys Are In

Our stuffed animal family grew a lot recently with the arrival of TY plush! They don’t just make Beanie Babies.

These stuffed animals are cute and cuddly, large and small.
Let’s meet these fun critters…

The Pluffies. Choose between Winks the elephant Woods the bear, and Tiptop the giraffe.

Beanie Boo’s. These guys are a little stiffer and have great big eyes that beg to be loved. Will you take home Zig the zebra? Or Spells the snow owl? What about King the lion, or Bugsy the ladybug, or Slush the dog? They are kind of irresistible, and I won’t deny that Zig the zebra rode around in my cart as I put away books in the General book department the other night.

Monstaz!! These little softball-size critters jabber in a different language. They just want to be loved. There are purple, hot pink, striped, speckled, bright green, and orange ones.

We got a kick out of the Beanie Ballz. In a small and extremely cuddly large size, they are giraffes, raccoons, fish, turtles, gorillas, a caterpillar, a hippie monkey, and Spider-Man. Totally cool.

We also have a couple regular Beanie Babies for you collectors. 🙂

See? There is something for everyone when stuffed animals are concerned.

What do you think? Leave a comment here!

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