Halloween Costumes, Make-Up, Witches Hats & More

It’s Halloween at the Book Table, and we are excited to share in the fun!

Upstairs some of you may have noticed things shelves and racks being moved- more than usual, of course. We are happy to announce that we now have a fully-functioning Halloween section of our store. We’ve brought in lots of fun costumes, wigs, hats, and make-up. Several of our store clerks were so excited, they just had to try a few things on…

Nikita thought it would be fun to dress up as the March Hare from Alice and Wonderland.

Karen is having a bewitching time in the Children’s Book section.

Whitney as a long-haired Amelia Earhart

Lis trying to put a spell on the puppets in Toys. We haven’t seen that one since it twirled away….

To see more of the silly shots from our photo shoot, visit our Facebook page.

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