For Cryin’ Out Loud!

For Cryin’ Out Loud by Dianne B. Hardy is a breathtaking memoir about growing up in the Uintah Basin in an idealistic time in a less than ideal situation. Hardy, a music professor, retired three years ago and began writing her childhood memoirs. She currently resides in Logan.

The rural community of Roosevelt, Utah, was an idyllic place in the 1950s. Everyone knew their neighbors and no one locked their doors at night. By all appearances, the Blaines are the idealic Roosevelt family. Father is the school principal and well-liked by everyone in town; Mother cooks and cleans and shepherds the children to church each Sunday. But appearances can be misleading. In reality, the Blaine family is a disaster. 

In a time when children were seen and not heard, Dianne Blaine wrestles with her mother’s despair, her father’s rage, and her older sister’s sexual rebellion. To make sense of this place where nothing is as it seems, Dianne must confront the secrets her family keeps in the shadows and the hypocrisy that hides in plain sight.


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