Inspirational LDS Nonfiction

Act in Doctrine
By David A. Bednar

As disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, our individual responsibility is to learn what we should learn, to live as we know we should live, and to become what the Master would have us become. Learning, doing, and becoming are central to our spiritual development and happiness in mortality and our progress in eternity. Elder Bednar’s previous book, Increase in Learning, focused on patterns related to the learning imperative. Act in doctrine explores patterns related to our obligation to translate what we know into what we do, thereby turning from focusing on one’s self to focusing on the Savior. Elder Bednar discusses the importance of Christ’s character in accomplishing the Atonement, the difference between testimony and conversion, what moral agency means and why it is central to the plan of salvation, and the vital role of teachers. As with Increase in Learning, this book will have extra-wide margins for recording thoughts and questions and a DVD with additional learning resources. Elder David A. Bednar was ordained a member of the Quorum of the Twelve in 2004. Prior to his call, he had served as an Area Seventy, Regional Representative, and stake president. He was also a professor of business management at Texas Tech University and the University of Arkansas, and the president of BYU-Idaho. He and his wife, Susan, are the parents of three sons.

Becoming His: A Daily Journey Toward Discipleship
By Emily Freeman

In this unique book, author Emily Freeman outlines a pattern of discipleship divided into twelve areas of focus, each containing invitations for personal growth, inspired counsel from prophets and apostles, and suggested scriptures to help us focus our efforts. As we follow this pattern, we come to understand that the process of discipleship has the power to transform and define us.

Refuge and Reality: The Blessings of the Temple
By John H. Groberg

In his distinctive storytelling voice, Elder John H. Groberg shares experiences of ordinary people along with insights about temple worship gained during his service as president of the Idaho Falls Idaho Temple. During that time, he often heard people express their wish that they didn’t have to go back to the “real world.” He teaches that what we do and experience in the temple is lasting and eternal, and therefore the temple is the real world. The mortal world we live in is only temporary and, therefore, not “real.” Through his inspiring stories, we learn how temple worship allows us to view life with an eternal perspective, how we can make the temple a bigger part of our lives, and how we can enjoy a sense of restoration and refuge by performing service in the temple.

A Prophet’s Voice: Messages from Thomas S. Monson 

Throughout his nearly fifty years as an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ, President Thomas S. Monson has presented countless messages of wisdom, inspiration, and doctrinal insight. He is perhaps best known for his gift of weaving true accounts into his addresses, bringing gospel principles to life through the enlightening experiences of individuals he has met or heard of in his ministry.

A Prophet’s Voice brings together more than fifty of these classic addresses, including all the major general conference sermons President Monson has given since becoming the sixteenth President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Filled with warmth and reflection, these messages demonstrate the worth of every soul and the power of personal examples in our lives.

10 Great Souls I Want to Meet in Heaven
S. Michael Wilcox

Mormon’s teaching to “lay hold upon every good thing” and the Doctrine and Covenant’s injunction to “seek ye out of the best books words of wisdom” serve as an invitation to study truth from all cultures and all people. From great individuals of the past we gain valuable insights and cultural perspectives, and we are inspired by their triumphs over life’s challenges.

In 10 Great Souls I Want to Meet in Heaven, author S. Michael Wilcox profiles the lives of his “best friends history,” ten individuals who have tutored his soul as well as his mind and whom he wants to meet in the hereafter.

The list includes Saint Patrick, the slave who was not Irish; Saint Francis of Assisi, the son of a wealthy Italian merchant who became a Catholic friar; Joan of Arc, a French peasant who became a national heroine; Mencius, a Chinese philosopher; Khadija and Aisha, wives of and helpmeets to the prophet Mohammad; Siddhartha, who became the Buddha; Charles Darwin, the English scientist and naturalist; Sir Ernest Shackleton, who spend much of his life as a polar explorer; George MacDonald, the Scottish author, poet, and Christian minister who inspired, among others, C.S. Lewis; and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, the prominent English poet, whose love for her husband, Robert Browning, and its reciprocation, are the stuff of Legend.

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