More Midnight Madness Authors!

We announced a handful of the authors coming to our Midnight Madness sale Dec. 7 earlier this morning. Now, here is a list of even more who are coming to our store! For more information on each author, click on their name.

Angela Miller
Author of Quest Holders

Phil Chipping
Creator of the Knowonder! books


Heather Frost
Author of Seers and Demons

Erik Olsen
Author of the Flin’s Destiny Series- Cobble Cavern and Garden of Lost Souls.

McKenzie Wagner
Author of The Magic Wall series and Benetropia

R.E. Bostwick
Author of Bearstock Scrolls: Viceroy

John Fleming
Author of Tracks of A Pigeon-Toed Horse

Noreen Harris
Local author of Five Little Stars

Cami Checketts
Author of Dead Running and Dying to Run

Robert Schiess
Local author of Mr. and Mrs. Bean’s Educational Books

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