Jenni James and Kim Rives Book Signings Saturday!

Beauty and the Beast Jenni James

Jenni James, author of bestselling “Northanger Alibi” and her new series The Jenni James Faerie Tale Collection, will be visiting our store this Saturday, December 15 from 11-2 pm for a book signing and to meet with fans! Her books are a great pick for teenage girls this Christmas, especially Beauty and the Beast. The series will release a new book periodically following a retelling of classic tales.


Kim Rives, author of My Walk Through Heaven will be signing copies of her book at the same time!

My Walk Through Heaven is an inspiring true story of a near death experience. It is a story of a single mother’s valiant fight against cancer. Losing the battle she finds herself taking an incredible journey through the portals of death and beyond. She experiences Heaven and what it looks and feels like. She meets loved ones and the Savior. She sees her pre-earth life and also how angels assist men in mortality. She visits 3rd world countries and sees how humanitarian efforts relieve orphaned children. Her mission not yet complete, she is commissioned to return from Heaven and share the messages she was given.

My Walk Through Heaven Kim Rives

Don’t forget! Save the date- Saturday, December 15, 11-2 pm. Kim Rives and Jenni James. Be sure to stop by!

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