Our Multi-Colored Walls Are Slowly Fading to Memory

Last Friday Michael started painting over one of the last green walls in the Book Table. Many of you recall this particular shade being all over the General Book area and in our art department. (We affectionately call it “Book Table green”.) We have slowly but surely been painting so the store has a nice, uniform look. Now all that’s left are a few patches to remind us of days gone by. And what colorful patches those are.

For those of you who have been lifelong customers, here’s a shot of some of the last of the lovely purple we used to have in the store. This last patch hides in our shipping room. The bathrooms were once painted this color!

Music 2012
The music department continues to stay red. We think it looks quite nice with the instruments, don’t you?

Book Table

The columns running down the main aisles on the main floor are actually brick, though you can’t see it now.

A few renegade patches of Book Table green remain untouched.

While many are celebrating the transition from green to white, I get a little nostalgic watching it disappear into memory with the strokes of a brush.

Got any memories of h0w the Book Table used to look? Comments on the changes? Leave them here.

What do you think? Leave a comment here!

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