Look What’s New!

We have gotten many new and exciting items in our store since spring has sprung, items ranging from books, toys, jewelry, and other accessories.  Come visit us and see all there is to see!  Here are some highlights:


Belonging to Heaven

by:Gale Sears


Belonging to Heaven, written by Gales Sears, is based on the true story of Jonathan Napela, a descendent of the royal line of Hawaii.  He is introduced to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints by Elder George Q. Cannon.  Jonathan finds joy in his new religion but soon his faith is tested through persecutions and family illness.  

Belonging to Heaven will open your eyes to the love of God and the joy that comes from serving others.


Visions of Glory

by: John Pontius


Visions of Glory recounts the amazing near-death experiences and subsequent visions of Spencer, as told to author John Ponitus.  For the first time, Spencer shares his incredible visions of the overwhelming events that he saw cleanse and shape the United States and parts of Canada.

Customer Review:

“Dear Reader, if you truly want to get a bigger picture of what this life is about and how each decision you make ripples out into eternity, this is the book for you. If you have ever wondered what premortal life might have been like, and what events surrounding the last days before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ might look like, this a fascinating book for you to ponder. I came away with sharpened sensitivity to spiritual matters, and hope. A great deal of HOPE! And this hope is centered in Jesus Christ, whom the prophets testify shall come again. I also came away with an even greater understanding of the miracle it is to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and to have a living Prophet to follow.”


Join our Spring Fling Concert!

For all instruments!  Since our Creepy Concert in October went so well, we have decided to have one in the spring.  This is a concert open to all teachers and their students.  It is perfect if you have a few students and would like to combine with others for a recital.  you can call, email, or come in person to sign up your student. 

Deadline for sign up is Wednesday, April 17th.



TAGAMOTO: Code the Road– from the creators of Hexbug.

3 Ways to Play!  Each car can run with a battery or the front wheels can snap down to let the car free roll.  For extra fun, build a race track and add the code that comes with the road set.  The car will react to the code that is placed on the road, by either activating road signs or the real head and tail lights of the passing car. Tagamoto takes car playing to a whole new level!

Take a closer look by coming in or visit www.tagamoto.com.

One comment

  1. So weird! I just finished watching, ‘The Descendants,’ with George Clooney, about a family descended from Hawaiian royalty, and then the first thing I clicked on and read was about the book, ‘Belonging to Heaven.’ Strange!

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