What Are We Reading?

Karen–The Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt

The Wednesday Wars is a coming-of-age story about a boy growing up in the 70’s.  His dad is a politician, so he always has to be on his best behavior.  To make matters worse,  every Wednesday students in his school go to religious class.  Since he is not from a religious family, he gets to stay at school, the only one with his teacher.  She  decides they are going to study Shakespeare. The characters are well developed, and it’s a great story.  Any body will enjoy it from ages 9+.

Whitney–Twitterpated by Melanie Jacobson

Twitterpated is an adorable love story. It starts with an identity theft–well, kind of. Jessie and Sandy are roommates. Both are in their twenties and they live in Seattle. Sandy doesn’t think that Jessie dates enough, so she sets up a profile for her on LDS Lookup–“think Facebook for Mormons”–and Jessie is livid. However, she does end up meeting a super cute guy named Ben. Jessie got her heart broken once upon a time, and so she’s afraid of getting too serious. Sandy keeps pushing her though, so Jessie continues to explore outside of her comfort zone and keep dating Ben. I haven’t finished it yet, but I’m really excited to see where Jessie and Ben end up!

Kim–The Children of the Promise series

These books follow an LDS family’s struggles during World War II. I am currently on the second book of the series, entitled Since You Went Away. I love these books! The author does such a great job pulling you in. You instantly feel close to each family member as they do their part to serve the country but also grow into the people they want to be. Great books you can’t put down! I highly recommend them!

Morgan–Room by Emma Donoghue

Most books aren’t written from the voice of a little five year old boy named Jack. However, Room is written from this perspective as the reader is thrown into this unique writing style. Donoghue does a spectacular job throwing the reader into Jack’s world as readers begin to see it through his eyes. We are quickly introduced into his routine of getting ready, watching the imaginary world inside the tv, and doing “exercise.”

It becomes painfully clear that Room is all that Jack knows: he has his friends Bed, Table and, of course, his mother, whom he refers to as “Ma.” Jack’s entire life consists of what is in the 11×11 ft room that he and Ma live in, as well as the mysterious man Jack calls “Old Nick”, who comes in Room at night.

Now that Jack has turned five, Ma believes Jack is prepared for the most intense game they’ve ever played: escape. This award winning novel follows Jack and Ma as they attempt to finally leave Room and the challenges that their freedom could bring. After all, Room is the only thing Jack has ever known.

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