New, Creative Toys

Looking to get those creative juices flowing while taking a break from school? Check out these new toys at The Book Table, designed to help kids express themselves in fun ways.

Laser Pegs!

We have all played with various types of toy construction sets at least once in our lifetime, however with Laser Pegs® for the first time you can truly add light to the subject of playtime. Creative toys are hard to come by, so don’t pass up this one. 

We love Laser Pegs because they are different from other toy construction sets. Starting from the base, each new piece will gain its color and light when connected securely to the one below it. Laser Pegs come in lots of fun sets to help kids build dragons, bugs, and more. Completely safe and with long-lasting LED bulbs, Laser Pegs are one of the toys of the summer!


Dream It, Build It, Drive It

Your child is an individual with a unique sense of creativity and design. The creation of something new and unique– born of a child’s imagination– is the idea behind Automoblox. There are plenty of building and assembly-type toys on the market that include instructions and illustrations for your child to build the item pictured on the box. With Automoblox, your child plays outside the box–and builds the design pictured in his or her mind.

We love Automoblox because they are easy to use! Each set comes with all of the parts needed to build the car pictured on the box. However, they can be put together any way the kid wants to, and the sets can be combined. This toy allows for creativity and fun, and these cars are great for racing!

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