Summer Fun in the Toy Department

Did you know that upstairs in our Toys & Games department we have a couple of display tables dedicated specifically to fun summer stuff?

image(2) image(1)Up by the customer service desk, we have a Bubble Table. This table features super fun things like Touchable Bubbles, Bubble Instruments, Bubble Flashlights, Bubble Trains, as well as Character Bubble Blowers! We also have bubble-blowing wands, and some bubble-blowing kits.

Between our “boy” and “science” sections in the Toy Department, we have a display dedicated to outside fun. We have some camp-themed games like  “CAMP”, “Hit the Trail”, and “S’Mores”. This table also features other fun outside things like ant farms, bug vacuums, and gardening tools. We also have some realistic-looking rubber bugs and some really cool bug-eye glasses!

imageAround the center pillar in our Toy Department, we have our display of water-fun toys and games. We have water guns, water footballs, and some games you can play in a pool including “Don’t Tip the Waiter: Splash Edition”.

Be sure to check out the Toys & Games department located upstairs across from Scrapbooking & Education. We are constantly getting in new games and fun toys; every visit is sure to be different!


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