Some Definite Must-Reads!

We love to read here at the Book Table, and summer is the perfect time to catch up on our reading! We asked a couple of our book specialists to recommend some great pool-side, sun-shine soaking, and roadtrip reads for the last month of the summer.

Turtle in Paradise by Jennifer L. Holm

“This one is about a girl named Turtle growing up in the Depression. Her mom gets a job as a housekeeper to someone who does not like kids, so Turtle is sent to Florida to live with her aunt and a bunch of her cousins. It is a good story that teaches even though there is much to be cynical about, there is much to be grateful for including family and sticking together in hard times. Turtle in Paradise is based on true stories of the author’s great-grandmother and is a good read for ages 8+.”

The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen

“As civil war is about to break out, three orphans are forced by a nobleman to take part in a treacherous plot to impersonate the long lost prince. The orphans have two choices: learn fast to be the prince, or be killed. There is a twist that makes the reader want to stay up late with a flashlight just to know what happens next. The False Prince is a good read for fans of Harry Potter, Rangers Apprentice, or Percy Jackson.”

Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld

“I read Leviathan in about a day it was so intriguing. If you’ve ever read anything else by Westerfeld, he has this way of making his worlds feel real. He creates a whole new jargon for his characters to use that help to set the stage of his novels. Leviathan takes place during World War I. Except it’s like what would happen if all of this different technology was available during the war. There are two groups that are at war with each other–the Clankers (the German Central Powers) and the Darwinists (the British Entente Powers). The Clankers have these super advanced war machines, and the Darwinists have manipulated animal DNA and now use modified animals as their warships and weapons. The main characters in this book are both in danger–Alek is the newly orphaned prince of Hapsburg, and Deryn is pretending to be a boy so that she can work on the Darwinist ships. If either one of these characters’ true identities become common knowledge, they will be killed. Even though they come from opposite sides of the war, they become unlikely friends and have to work together to survive. Leviathan is a great read, and as it’s the first of a series, readers will have more to look forward to after the first book comes to a close. Great for ages 9+.”

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