Can You Spot It?

Spot It! has been one of our best-selling games for the past two years, and with great reason. As simple as it is fun, Spot It! is made up of 57 symbols, 55 cards, with 8 symbols per card. Every 2 cards in the deck has one symbol–and only one symbol–in common.  spotitThe Spot It! deck comes with 5 simple and fun games that can be played in any type of order. Most people have one or two that are their personal favorites. This game is fun for young and old alike–we played it with my little cousins at Thanksgiving, and then the adults got into a pretty intense game of it later on. Starting to see why it’s so fun?

photoAfter Spot It!’s original success, Blue Orange–the fantastic game company that invented Spot It!–released a couple more editions. At the Book Table, we regularly carry: Spot It! Original, Spot It! Alphabet, Spot It! Numbers & Shapes, Spot It! Basic English, Spot It! Junior, Spot It! On the Road, Spot It! MLB edition, Spot It! Signature, and Spot It! Golf.  Many of these new editions are geared especially toward a younger gaming audience, though the original Spot It! can be played by and with children.

Spot-It-PartyWe would like to introduce to you a whole new Spot It! experience…Spot It! Party. Spot It! Party is packaged in a party box instead of its usual tin casing. The party box includes Spot It! decks with all new symbols as well as new ways to play. There are also 8 card holders and one “hand mascot”, which is used in some of the new mini-games. Spot It! Party is the ultimate Spot It! gaming experience.

We have a demo of Spot It! Original upstairs in our Toys & Games department, and one of our clerks would be glad to play a short game with you to show you the ropes. Come in and check out Spot It! today!


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