Fun Music Games

In the music department we have a section dedicated to gifts perfect for musicians, music teachers, or any music lover. Recently I discovered a couple of fun music-related games in this section. These games are great for helping teach music in a fun way, and are great for any music classroom. Take a look below!

Musical Adventures: Game Cards and Board Level 1

Follow the adventure trail through mythical, musical lands! Answer questions about musical concepts to move ahead, but beware of pitfalls along the way!

The supplies in this board game work for a few different mini-games, all designed to reinforce basic music skills.

  • “Keys on the Keyboard”: This is a game designed to reinforce skills in identifying keys on the keyboard, for 2-6 players, or for individual play.
  • “Rhythm Patterns”: This game will reinforce skills in clapping and counting rhythm patterns, individually or in a group.
  • “Terms and Symbols”: Identifying and defining musical symbols and terminology are featured in this game.

This game is published by Alfred and goes along great with their piano method books.

Musical Pairs: A Note Matching Card Game

The traditional card game “pairs” with a music twist! Match up identical cards and collect as many pairs as you can to win the game. A fun approach to learning pitch notation in the treble and bass clefs, which also challenges your powers of memory! Perfect for home and classroom.

Wacky Wanda

Wacky Wanda is a wacky game of words spelled with notes on the grand staff. Wacky Wanda is a game to be enjoyed by elementary to early intermediate students. A great way to reinforce and review notes for all ages. These cards are a great, fun game for listening and sight reading.The jumbo sized laminated cards are ideal in a group or classroom situation.

Object: One player from each team races to identify the word spelled on the card. The card is awarded for later scoring. When Wacky Wanda appears, the competing players trade cards with one another.

Musical Happy Families: The Traditional Game With a Musical Twist

Collect as many instrument groups of four as you can to win the game! A great way to improve instrument recognition using the game’s special quartets, including The Standing Stones (rock band), The Woodentops (woodwind quartet), The Blue Notes (jazz quartet) and The Rupees.

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