Mustaches, Mustaches Everywhere!

If you’re like me, you’ve noticed the fake mustache trend that’s been going around for awhile. I’ve seen mustaches on t-shirts, belts, bags, and even dangling from sunglasses. Well, here at the Book Table we have some super cool mustache products of our own! Check ’em out:

We’ve got some great mustache accessories that would be fun to have in any dorm room or locker:

Mustache Pushpins

Mustache Magnets

Mustache Erasers

Everyone will want to borrow your eraser!


Stylin’ for any party or high school dress-up day. Also just really funny to wear for absolutely no reason!


Because would wouldn’t want their sandwich cut into mustache-shaped pieces?


After you’ve had your mustache-shaped sandwich, why not bake some mustache-shaped cookies?

Mustache Lollipop Molds

Keeping with the mustache food theme, these are great for making mustache-shaped chocolates as well as mustache-shaped lollipops for baby showers, No Shave November parties, and just for fun!

Mustache Scrapbook Paper

After you’ve worn your StacheTats, made some Munchstaches, Crunchstaches, and Mustache lollipops…don’t forget to scrapbook all of the fun pictures you’ve taken on our super-cute mustache scrapbook paper! (Psst…This is just one of the super cute designs from our Swagger line by Fancy Pants. Come by the store to see the rest of the cool prints!)

Mustache Baby by Bridget Heos

When Baby Billy is born with a mustache, his family takes it in stride. They are reassured when he nobly saves the day in imaginary-play sessions as a cowboy or cop and his mustache looks good-guy great. But as time passes, their worst fears are confirmed when little Billy’s mustache starts to curl up at the ends in a suspiciously villainous fashion. Sure enough, “Billy’s disreputable mustache led him into a life of dreadful crime.” Plenty of tongue-in-cheek humor and cartoonish illustrations make this the perfect baby-shower gift for a mustachioed father-to-be.

If you’d like to read more about the fake mustache trend, just click on the mustache man!

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