What Can I Get For a Missionary? Part 1: Books

This blog post marks the beginning of a weekly series entitled “What Can I Get For a Missionary?” It’s a question that haunts the mind of almost any relative, friend, or ward member. We have designed these blog posts to help you think outside of the box of ties or journals (though we have some pretty sweet ones that will be included in later episodes). So check back weekly to get some great ideas of what you can send to your missionary!

The Missionary’s Little Quote Book by Dale Jeffrey

Elders and Sisters, never be at a loss for words!

If there’s one thing a missionary can never get enough of (besides dinner invitations), it’s good material for talks, lessons, spur-of-the-moment inspirational thoughts, and other presentations. In this convenient volume, missionaries will find more than enough enthusiasm, encouragement, and motivation to go around. It’s neatly arranged by subject and contains hundreds of uplifting, thought-provoking, and inspiring quotations from many different sources.

No missionary should be without this exceptional little collections. In fact, it’s so useful and comprehensive that missionaries will keep it in their personal libraries long after they’ve turned in their name badges and returned to “civilian” life. Memories of the mission experience will last forever…and so will the messages of faith and devotion found within the pages of The Missionary’s Little Quote Book. 

The Missionary’s Little Book of Inspirational Stories compiled by Dale and Ruth Jeffery

Elders and Sisters, lift your spirits with these thoughts, stories, and poems!
Slammed doors, barking dogs, Dear Johns — every missionary can use a good collection of inspirational thoughts to brighten up the day, or share with a companion or investigator. In this handy volume, Dale and Ruth Jeffery have brought together a heart-warming set of their best-loved stories, thoughts, and poems on topics that will be deeply meaningful to missionaries in the field and throughout the rest of their lives.

As a “companion” volume to the Missionary’s Little Quote Book, this book will provide plenty of thoughtful inspiration for missionaries. Including sections on “The Savior,” “Prayer,” “Faith,” “Goals,” “Service,” “Obedience,” “Leadership,” and many other topics, it will prove a wonderfully useful reference for talks, lessons, and presentations. Don’t leave home without it!

Missionary Discussions for Youth

This is a coloring book that is absolutely great to take out into the mission field. A returned missionary told us that these would have been great for her to have because if you’re teaching a family with small children you can just give them this coloring book and they will remain quite during the lesson but will still learn. These books are only 99 cents, so come grab a few for your missionary!

The Transfer compiled by Susan E. Woods

Of the more than one million missionaries who have served in this last dispensation, less than one tenth of one percent have ever qualified for The Transfer thus making it an extremely rare occurrence in the work of the Lord.

This book was written to honor the memory of those whose departure has been borne most heavily by the families left behind. Here is a compilation of their stories, as told by loved ones — describing the unwelcome sacrifices evidently deemed necessary or even crucial to the opening of doors, turning of keys and blessing of thousands of lives.

Compiled over more than four years, these stories include missionaries who have served from the beginning of the Restoration to those “transferred” as recently as last year. Included is the story of a General Authority who died while serving as Area President in Chile, a poignant case of changing assignments in an extraordinary manner.

Each story is a microcosm of the life of many missionaries — a series of events that prepared the individual to serve, premonitions on the part of the missionary or family members, the “perfect accident” that takes a life or maims a missionary for life — these and many other bittersweet stories are shared by families whose sorrows and compensatory blessings make their loved one’s story at once personal and universal.

In the process of compiling stories for this opening volume, additional stories, too numerous to include in this edition, have continued to pour into the author/compiler’s archives. Those will be shared in subsequent publications.


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