What Can I Get For a Missionary? Part 2: Accessories

Welcome to “What Can I Get For a Missionary? Part 2”. This is going to be a fun post. I love all of the cool accessories we have here for missionaries. Let’s get started!

We have a fantastic selection of ties here at the Book Table. We even have ties that can inflate and become pillows! Those are definitely a lot of fun.

Another thing we have a lot of is tie pins and tie bars. Specifically we have mission tie pins. These are black squares with a gold figure of the angel Moroni in the center surrounded by the name of the mission. We have these for every mission, and if you don’t see the mission you’re looking for we would be glad to order in a pin just for you at no extra charge. We also have temple pins and bars, CTR pins, and sports pins. Come check them out!

We now have bike lights here at the Book Table. These are great for missionaries in biking missions who sometimes need to bike in the dark. One of our associates here at the Book Table just bought one to use on her bike (which is her main mode of transportation) and she absolutely LOVES it! It is crank-powered so it will never need batteries. It is rain-proof and built to last. There are three light functions on this light: single LED, double LED, and strobe. It clips on to the bike and is very easy to operate. This bike light is also small enough to fit in your pocket.

We also have missionary lip balm!

There are a lot more designs than just these three, so be sure to come in and check them out.

What do you think? Leave a comment here!

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