Book Signing This Saturday!

M. G. Polk will be signing his book The Adventures of Karny Wilson this Saturday, October 19th from 5-7 p.m. Make sure to drop by and talk with him about his super fun story!

The Adventures of Karny Wilson: Flight for FreedomAt sixteen Karny Wilson was running, leaving home for good. Now the folks in Maxwell, Tennessee would have to sneer at someone else. He was heading for a new life away from the jeers, heartache, and frustration. Hopping a train at Maxwell’s Hobo Jungle he heads out of Tennessee for places unknown. He knew the boxcar he was riding would take him away from all his problems. And with the slightest bit of luck, he just might find his father who had abandoned him when he was four. From the start of his trek, Karny finds adventure and challenges he never expected. He meets two hobos who happened to know his father and where he could be found. Following their lead he heads south to Tampa, Florida to find the man he hated. Along the way, Karny learns the two hobos were much more than drifters. They had very special powers. Through miracles or magic that could not be explained, Karny was convinced they were above mortal men. More than once their unique abilities would keep Karny safe and alive. Bobby Leonard, a runaway from Forrest Park, Georgia, joins Karny on his journey. Bobby jumps the train in Atlanta to flee a life filled with ill treatment, neglect, and violence. The two meet, become friends, and together they make their way to Tampa, finding jobs at the Barker Brothers Carnival. Little did the two boys know their journey, jobs, and new found friendship would bring them close to death and closer together. A love of playing baseball keeps them occupied with a new life changing experience. But most surprising, Karny discovers…

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