Peace, Be Still and other LDS Inspiration books new this fall!

Precious in His Sight: Seeing Yourself as God Sees You by Jodi Marie Robinson

It is easy to get lost in a world of diminishing moral values, especially when society tries to convince women that their worth is determined by how well they fit into a pair of designer jeans. What feels better than a perfectly fit pair of jeans? Knowing that you are precious to God and living like you believe it. In a world where image is everything, the pressure to be perfect has never been more intense: the perfect make-up, the perfect outfit, the perfect size. But as society brashly asserts that a womans value is wrapped up in how she looks, there is another voice a softer voice whispering her worth. Our Father in Heaven, in His infinite wisdom, sees not the outward appearance but perceives the beauty of the heart and the worth of a soul. Through meaningful stories, scriptures, and examples, motivational speaker Jodi Marie Robinson lovingly reminds daughters of God of all ages, shapes, and sizes that the only true path to happiness is to measure your value as the Lord does: She is more precious than rubies

Jesus Wept: Understand and Enduring Loss by Joyce & Dennis Ashton

Jesus Wept is carefully designed from an LDS perspective to help people through not only the loss of a loved one, but through the many trials we all face throughout our lives. The authors tenderly share insights and techniques of how to cope with such difficulties as:

* Death of a loved one
* Infertility and miscarriage
* The loss of a child
* Murder or suicide within the family
* Illness and disability
* Loss of employment
* Financial difficulties
* Marital discord and divorce
* Same gender attraction
* Raising rebellious children
* Abuse
* Empty Nest Syndrome
* Unable to find a mate

Peace, Be Still

Peace, Be Still by David S. Baxter

In a world where it is increasingly difficult to simply “be still,” David Baxter teaches us how to find pause from the furiously fast and numbingly noisy world. Peace, Be Still will enable every reader to identify, feel, and realize a greater sense of personal peace.

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